What does an extra 10kg feel like?

Walking to the station this morning I was carrying about 10kg of luggage. This definitely slowed me down. More than I would have thought. It was hard to lift my legs almost. It made me sluggish. 10kg doesn't sound like a lot, especially when I think about how much I have lost, but my body told me otherwise. I've lost nearly that much weight (9kg) since the start of June. Granted that was Christmas and Easter weight gain, but still. This was an amazing reminder of why I keep doing what I do, of why it's important to keep making one decision at a time that is in line with the keto lifestyle. I don't ever want to gain back that 9kg I've been working so hard to lose again. I don't even want to gain back any part of it. Is this realisation original? Nope, many other people have had this thought before when losing weight and carrying heavy stuff, knowing that your body was under that much extra strain all of the time. But it is an important reminder of why I'm working so hard, of what I'm still working towards. I can't even imagine where I'll be and how I'll be feeling in another 10kg, just that it will feel great. www.nicketoblog.com


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