Looking back to look forwards

This collage presents the changes I've gone through so well. The 2012 pic was 10 months after my car accident. I wasn't able to exercise and I was finding my new reality difficult. I couldn't even stand long enough to cook so I sure wasn't eating healthy or making great decisions. I had nearly always been overweight but things sure we're getting worse by this point.

The 2017 pic was me at my heaviest. This was taken in Singapore at the end of a holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. I wish I had been how I am now so I could have enjoyed the physical aspects of the trip more. Don't get me wrong I still climbed to the top of all of the temples but it would have been so much easier now.

And then I see where I am at today. I am so so proud of myself. My journey is far from over, 20kg to go, but rather than look at how far I have to go, I choose to look at how far I have already come. I am strong, I am happy and I have improved my life so much by being keto. 22 months in, roughly 60kg lost and I'm never going back

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