How frequently should I weigh?

How frequently should I weigh myself is a very common question. Everything you read about weight loss says you should weigh once a week, at the same time of day on the same day of the week. Try to do it in the morning, and hey if you can use the bathroom before that's a bonus.

If you're keto, you'll often hear people saying to throw away the scales because they lie. I'm an advocate for this on many levels. Fit of clothes and, if unlike me you can do it properly and consistently, measurements is a much better indicator. Muscle weighs more than fat so if you're gaining musle through added exercise or even increased general activity because keto has given you more energy, then you're bound to be gaining muscle which will mean fat loss is less likely to show on the scales. Take photos, take lots of photos. Cortisol, which is produced when you're stressed or exercising can also restrict weight loss. I've seen for myself the changes in my body despite weighing MORE than I did at the same time last year because of exercise and being strict keto (see my last blog post for what I think is an incredible before and after photo).

Generally I would never advocate weighing on a daily basis. Except.... Well at the moment weighing on a daily basis is helping to keep me on track and keep me motivated. The last couple of weeks despite being strict and eating well I either stayed the same or gained slightly. I wasn't disheartened but I was frustrated. So I decided that for a little while I was going to weigh in daily. I weighed myself every day this week except for Sunday. I skipped Sunday because I had eaten dinner Saturday night, which is out of the norm for me and I knew it would artificially add weight, so why put myself through that.

So today was my official weigh in day and I'm down 2.6kg. Since I started back on being strict on 1st July after a massive butt kicking, I'm down 9.1kg. I couldn't be happier.

Weighing daily this week meant I could see my progress on a daily basis. And I did make progress daily this week. It kept me motivated, that I didn't need that snack at night because I was bored. It really made me think about whether I was truly hungry, and was eating because I mentally wanted it worth costing myself the gain I was making? My answer was always no.

In no way am I saying that if you're hungry you shouldn't eat. I'm just reiterating that you should listen to your bodies signals and consider whether it is thirst you're experiencing, or boredom, some other emotion like sadness, or that you really are truly hungry. It also helped me to think about the food choices I was making.

It was another week where I managed to avoid anything sweet Monday to Friday. This will be my goal every week. If I know I can have a sweet keto treat on the weekend I'm much more likely to stick to it. It's working for me so far.

I went into this knowing that your weight can definitely fluctuate on a daily basis based on water retention, for females where you're at in your cycle, what time you ate the day before, whether you're dehydrated. I knew I was only going to use my weigh in on Tuesday results. I have to say though that this was something that worked for me this week and I'll be doing the same again this week. Right now I need that daily reminder of what I'm working towards.

And just because I can't not include a photo, one pic was taken today and the other a year ago. I weigh 1.8kg more today than I did then but I can see changes in my body shape and this dress fits me better now than it did then. And maybe these are things only I can see and feel, but hey the importance of taking pics is so I can see my own progress and I'm so happy with where I am today and where I'll be tomorrow.


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