Another 4 weeks on

So it's been another 4 weeks and I've lost 100g in that 4 weeks. It would be easy to be disheartened. BUT it was still a loss. And I've been hitting the gym hard so I think there has been muscle gain.

Have I been perfect? No. Have I been 100% compliant? Yes. So that deserves a big celebration in itself. Especially given in that time I had my dad's 70th birthday and I was surrounded by temptation. I made smart choices and I don't regret it. I had help, my mum made me a keto cake to have while everyone else had non-keto cake. I was so proud of myself for embracing JOMO (the joy of missing out). There were days when I ate two meals when I didn't need to, eating only when truly hungry can be hard sometimes. There were days when I was hungry twice because my fat intake was too low because of the limited control I had over my meals. But I was always 100% compliant.

I am trying to have nothing sweet Monday to Friday. Largely I'm succeeding. Some days are harder than others. Last week I succeeded and I was so happy with myself.

I feel fitter and stronger and healthier than ever. I've bought myself new goal jeans, I had to change style and brand because the ones I love didn't even come in the next size down.

Best of all, I came across a pic today of my back. As the pic shows I was 4kg lighter but man the difference is huge. I put it down to intermittent fasting, or autophagy. I can't believe I had no idea about this physical change until today. Goes to show what IF and some work at the gym can do.

I'll update in a few more weeks but I'm feeling mentally strong and totally back on board. I'm so proud of myself.


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